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Namek, Ginyu, and Frieza Sagas

With Piccolo, Chiaotzu, Tien, and Yamcha dead. Bulma, Gohan and Krillinn begin a journey to Namek to find the Dragonballs and wish their friends back. (Goku is too injured at this time to go himself) They fly their way towards Namek, meeting shape shifting creatures, mirror ships, and other hazards. Vegeta during this time returns to Freeza's base and rejuvinates himself back to full health, and zips his way towards Namek to wish for immortality. Krillin and Gohan finally reach the planet, only to find that Freeza has already collected five of the seven balls. At this time Goku has recovered, and he uses a special ship that is capable of raising gravity up to 100x Earth's. His power increases exponentially under the intense force. Seeing that he is obviously overpowered by Freeza and his men, Kuririn goes to the Guru for assistance. Guru awakens Krillin's hidden power, and gives him the Dragonball that he had created. He warns Kuririn that once he dies the Dragonballs will disappear, and that his time was near. In the mean time Vegeta has collected a ball himself, and he hides it so that it is out of harm's way. He then battles Zarbon, who almost destroys him. Frieza has Vegeta rejuvinated so that he could reveal the location of the other two Dragonballs. He manages to escape and steal the five balls that Freeza has collected. Greatly angered, Freeza sends Zarbon to find Vegeta and bring back the orange spheres. Both Vegeta and Zarbon spot Krillin returning with Guru's ball, and take up chase. Zarbon and Vegeta battle once again, this time Vegeta coming out as the victor. Krillin gives up the ball without a fight, as he knows he does not stand a chance against the more powerful Saiyan. Thinking he has all seven balls, Vegeta goes to fetch the one he hid. However, Gohan manages to find the last one, and returns to Krillin and Bulma with the ball in his hands. Frieza, now extremely angry that he does not have the balls in his possesion, orders that the Ginyu Force be summoned.

[] The end of the Namek Saga []

Krillin and Gohan zoom towards Guru, leaving the ball in the care of Bulma, so that Gohan's powers could be awakened. Vegeta, finding out that Gohan has the last ball, takes off in pursuit of him. Krillin, Gohan, and Vegeta all reach Guru's house at about the same time, although Gohan has a good enough lead so that he could get the power-up from Guru. Sensing that the Ginyu force had landed, Vegeta manages to make a pact with the Gohan and Krillin. All three race to Bulma's hiding place to retrieve the last dragonball, afterwards they rush to where the other five were hidden. Unfortunately, the Ginyu force beat them to the spot, and they use their superior powers to get the other two balls from Krillin, Gohan, and Vegeta. Commander Ginyu returns the dragonballs to Frieza. The rest of the Ginyu force use a sophisticated game to find out who will fight first. Paper, rock, scissors... It is determined that Guldo will be the first to go, and he faces off against Krillin and Gohan. By freezing time and using other various tricks, Guldo gets the upper hand on the fight. At the last moment, however, Vegeta sends a blast of energy and decapitates Guldo. During this time, the Dragonballs reach Frieza. He is unable to summon the dragon, and races to Guru's house to find out what the magic words are. Ginyu guards the Dragonballs, which are buried next to Frieza's ship.

Recoom is the next to go battle, and beats Vegeta pretty easily. Krillin is taken out with a kick in the head, leaving only Gohan to fight. Gohan manages to do some damage to Recoom, but he gets roughed up as well. Just as things are looking their worst, Goku finally arrives in his ship. He gives Sensu beans to Krillin, Gohan, and Vegeta, and knocks out Recoom in one punch. Jeice and Burter begin to attack Goku, but they prove no match for him. Burter is knocked out as well, and Jeice flies to Commander Ginyu to get help. Ginyu arrives on the scene, but he is also overpowered by Goku. In the meantime, Vegeta abandons the fight to find the Dragonballs. Krillin and Gohan also depart for the same destination, hoping they will beat Vegeta to them. Seeing that he will be defeated, Ginyu switches bodies with Goku. Ginyu uses his new body to return to Frieza's ship. Now in the damaged, less powerful body of Ginyu, Goku chases the rest as fast as he can. Vegeta reaches the ship first, but is unable to locate the Dragonballs. Figuring that Gohan and Krillin would use the Dragonball scouter to locate them, he hides and waits. At this time Guru senses Frieza's approach, and sends Dende to tell Krillin and Gohan the words needed to summon the Dragon. Frieza arrives at Guru's house, but as expected they refuse to tell him the magic words. Nail, Guru's bodyguard, faces off against Frieza. Even though he is currently the most powerful of the Nameks, Frieza easily defeats him with one hand. Nail tells Frieza that Dende knows the words, and that he was just stalling for time. Frieza races back to his ship, neglecting to kill off Nail. Krillin and Gohan use the scouter to find where the Dragonballs are buried, but they are also unable to summon the Dragon. Ginyu gets to the ship, still in Goku's body, followed by the real Goku. Goku tells Krillin and Gohan what happened, and they attack Ginyu. Still not used to his new body, Ginyu has a tough time with the earthlings. Vegeta joins in and badly messes up Ginyu. Once again outmatched, Ginyu tries his change trick again, this time on Vegeta. However, Goku flies into the beam and is restored to his old body. Ginyu tries again to get Vegeta's body, but Goku throws a frog into the beam. Ginyu becomes trapped in the body of a frog.

[] The end of the Ginyu Saga []

Vegeta offers to help Goku, who's body is now badly damaged. Goku is placed in a rejuvination pod, which can restore him to full health in 45 minutes. Tired from his countless battles on Namek, Vegeta takes a short nap. During Vegeta's sleep Krillin and Gohan meet up with Dende. Dende summons the dragon, and their first wish is to bring Piccolo back to life. Their second wish is to warp Piccolo to Namek so that he could assist in the battle. At this time Vegeta wakes up, and he realizes that they had summoned the dragon without him. He rushes over and demands they grant him immortality, but just before the words could be uttered, the Guru dies. The dragonballs lose their power, and Vegeta's wish is not granted. Just when Vegeta thinks things can not possibly get worse, Frieza arrives at the scene. Although Piccolo has now warped to the surface of Namek, he is no where near the battlefield. Sensing that Gohan was in danger, Piccolo races to him. However, he doesn't go too far before he discovers the battered Nail. Nail offers to merge with Piccolo so that his power would increase several times over, but Piccolo is reluctant. Seeing that there was no other way to beat Frieza, Piccolo absorbs the weak ki of Nail. Meanwhile, Vegeta and Frieza begin to battle, proving to be equals at this point. Knowing that he would need more power to win, Frieza transforms into a large, demon like beast. His speed and power increase dramatically, and his new form is much larger then before. Now fearing for his life, Vegeta backs off from Frieza. Using his horns, Frieza rushes Krillin and stabs him in the gut, rendering the bald hero unconscious and nearly dead. Since Vegeta fears Frieza, only Gohan is left to do battle. Enraged by what looked like to be Krillin's death, Gohan manages to connect a few attacks on Frieza. Now angered, Frieza throws Gohan around, and knocks him out as well. However, unknown to Frieza, Dende has the power to heal, and restores Krillin to full power. Using a Destructo Disc, Krillin manages to catch Frieza off guard and cut off his tail. Vegeta gets enought nerve to try and fight Frieza again and nearly gets killed.

When Goku arrives, Vegeta tells Goku of his childhood, Frieza gets pissed at him since he wont shut up. Frieza then shoots Vegeta in the chest. Vegeta then tells Frieza that Goku is the Legendary Super Saiyan, and Goku will be the one to defeat Frieza. Vegeta eventually dies and Goku gives Vegeta a proper burial and the great battle begins. Frieza tries to hit Goku at first and can't connect a punch on him. Piccolo senses that Goku wants them to leave so he can battle without any restraints. Goku powers up to full strength (Kaioken x20), but is still no match for Frieza, so Goku decides to create a Spirit Bomb. Piccolo realizes what Goku is doing, so he attacks Frieza to buy him some time. Frieza starts beating the hell out of Piccolo. Then Gohan and Krillin join the battle. Soon after, Goku decides he has enough energy to kill Frieza, he throws the Spirit Bomb at Frieza. Frieza is overwhelmed and sandwhiched by the blast. Everyone is blown away by the blast. Walking away from the scene, Krillin spots Frieza. Frieza is now missing half of his tail and is really pissed. Frieza in anger blasts Piccolo (unconcious) and blows Krillin in chunks. Goku with such rage and anger transfroms him into Super Saiyan form. It seems like Goku loses all the personality in himself, and only has one goal, to kill Frieza. Goku starts to beat the hell out of Frieza. Frieza later turns full strength and thus a great battle begins. Frieza realizes that he can't beat Goku so he throws a death ball to the core of Namek. Goku knows that no matter what, this is the end. So Goku talks to King Kai telepathecally. He tells him to bring everyone back to life and transport them to Earth. He tells him not to transport himself or Frieza though. King Kai follows what Goku says and everyone killed by Frieza gets transported to Earth. As a last ditch effort Frieza send two destructo disc like figures at Goku. Goku dodges them pretty much with ease and puts Frieza in a trap and Frieza gets chopped up into three pieces. Goku, knowing that Frieza is defeated, downgrades from SSJ and starts to fly away. Frieza, being a coward and sore loser, tries to hit Goku when he isn't looking. Goku notices it and says "You fool!" and blasts him away. Goku defeats Frieza and becomes the strongest warrior in the universe. Goku now is in a rush to find a space pod, it looks like his plan is foiled and Goku dies. Unfortunately, Namek explodes and everyone thinks Goku died with the explosion. Everyone gets wished back (Yamcha, Chiaotzu, and Tien). They try to wish back Goku from the dead, but they find out that Goku is still alive. They still try to wish him back to Earth, but Goku doesn't want to come back. Everyone is disappointed, but glad because they know that their hero is still alive.

[] The end of Frieza Saga []