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DBZ Movie 9 - Bojack
The World Tournament has begun. All people of all sexes and ages have gathered to compete as well as the Z warriors. Fist prize is a million zeni and a chance to fight the so-called martial arts champion; Mr.Satan. Yamcha also participates but is disqualified because he falls into the water. Trunks, Gohan, Krillin, Piccolo,Tien, and some no-named characters have qualified and Trunks fights Tien, Piccolo fights Krillin, and Gohan fights a no-named. Trunks defeats Tien by becoming Super Saiyan and hitting him into the water. Krillin defeats Piccolo because Piccolo gets bored with Krillin and flies away. Gohan defeats the no-named with ease. In the final matches the contestants must fly through a tunnel that leads to a specific area where they must fight an extra-terrestrial character. Once defeated they must head to an elevator and the first one to reach the elevator will have a chance to fight Mr.Satan. They all get through the tunnels and Krillin is the first to fight the character and finds out that the character is a beautiful woman, Zangya, and gets his butt kicked. The no-named character is walking in a desert area and the alien character sneaks up and strangles him and kills him. This scares everyone because killing is not allowed in the tournament.

In the otherworld King Kai watches and finds out that the character behind this killing is none other than Bojack, a fierce warrior with a huge evil ki bent on conquering the universe has been freed from the star the four Kai's sealed him in when Goku teleported himself and Cell to King Kai's planet and destroys King Kai thus breaking the seal.

Back in the tournament Trunks fights a character who sorta looks like him; the Trunks look-alike powers himself up using magical earrings and a necklace and beats up Trunks pretty bad. He takes out his sword and is ready to kill Trunks. When all looks bad for Trunks he turns SSJ and breaks the sword and POW!!! punches a hole in the guy and kills him. Then all of a sudden Bojack comes out and knocks Trunks unconcious with one kick to the head. While all this is happening Mr.Satan pretends he has a chronic disease and is in the bathroom. Gohan sees his foe but doesn't confront him because Bojack and his other minions show up so Gohan fights them and Tien and Yamcha come in but they get knocked out so its only Gohan. He turns SSJ and fights them but he is soon beaten. Bojack is ready to kill Gohan with a ki attack but Piccolo comes in and saves Gohan with his Special Beam Cannon.

Trunks wakes up and fights them but one of his minions traps him in an energy field net and he is about to die when Vegeta comes in with Trunks sword and challanges Bojack. Vegeta fights well but is defeated as well as Trunks and Piccolo. Gohan realizes that he is the only one left and fights them all at once but he gets trapped and Bojack bearhugs him. Goku watches in horror and decides to help Gohan. So Goku teleports to Earth and saves Gohan. He tells Gohan that he is Earth's only hope and to use his full potential (like in the Cell Saga). He obeys and turns SSJ2. Bojack's minions try to trap him in the net they trapped Trunks in before but Gohan's power was too strong and Gohan destroys the net. Then two of the minions attack Gohan, and Gohan punches a hole through one of them and kicks the other one in half. The last minion stands there in fear and Bojack comes behind her and fires a ki blast at Gohan that kills her. Bojack charges and Gohan dodges and punches a hole in him. Angered Bojack charges his ki and fires an enormous ki blast at him, remembering what his father said about using his full potential he charges an enormous kamehameha and destroys Bojack. All returns to normal and everyone thinks Mr.Satan beats Bojack.