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DBZ Movie 6 - The Return of Cooler

    The movie starts with a view of New Namek. A dark object passes over one of the moons which alarms the Namekians on the planet. Suddenly, a metallic planet like body lights up above the planet and lets out giant arms that surround the planet. The arms stick and the planet starts to shake.
    The narrator comes on and explains that a strange planet is "eating" the New Namek. Dende has received word and sends Goku and the other to help his friends on Namek.
    The Spaceship is shown with Goku, Krillin, Gohan, Roshi, Yajirobe and Oolong eating. Piccolo is in the back of the spaceship looking out the window. When they get close to Namek, Goku and the others are astounded to see the metal planet surrounding Namek.
    The next scene shows a Namekian trying his luck by breaking his handcuffs and an attack from behind on one of the robots. However the robot turns around and catches him. It throws him to the ground is about to fire a blast when the Z team arrives.
    Piccolo tells the robots "Let the Namekians go!" Then Oolong says the only ways you can beat Goku is if you have about 100 robots. Suddenly about 100 robots fly down and line up in a battle like position. "Good to see you again Goku," comes from the middle of the robots as they spread apart. Cooler emerges in a shiny metallic-like state. All the Z-fighters are alarmed and a flashback of Cooler's death is shown. He tells the warriors the Big Gete Star kept him alive.
    Then the robots jump and attack Krillin, Gohan and Piccolo. Krillin is instantly punched into the side of a mountain, but Gohan manages to destroy one with a ki blast while dodging another. Piccolo is dodging every punch being thrown at him by a group of the robots.
Cooler comments that the Z fighters have gotten much stronger. Goku says so has he and rock fragments begin flying into the air between them. A robot dashes at Roshi and he tries punching the robot. A few seconds later he grabs his hand in pain because of the robot's inpenetrable armor. Yajirobe, Roshi and Oolong are taken away in nets.
    All the other warriors are having similar problems and can't break through the armor of the warriors. Gohan and Krillin are sent soaring to the ground and Piccolo lands near them. Piccolo tells them to look for their weak points and about 30 or so robots land on the ground, surrounding the 3 warriors. Piccolo and Gohan both find weak spots and Krillin of course gets hit. The next few minutes just consist of Piccolo beating the crap out of a bunch of robots with his stretch arms. Gohan flies through a few, and of course Krillin is dodging spears that come out of the robot's arms the entire time.
    Krillin is knocked out and him and Gohan are captured. Piccolo remains taking cannon fire from a huge group of the robots. Smoke flies everywhere and it looks like Piccolo is dead.
    Meanwhile, Goku and Cooler are in their own battle, but Cooler seems to have the advantage because of his metal armor. Goku is knocked to the ground and a deathball is thrown at him which causes a massive explosion all around the him. Goku used instant transmission to avoid it. Cooler comments how he likes how Goku dodged a energy ball of that magnitude. Then Cooler syas that it is one of his favorite moves. Goku is surprised by this, then they start a fight with blinding speed. Cooler eventually grabs our hero by his leg and bangs him around a mountain which crumbles to the ground. Cooler throws him into the air and is about to drive a knee into him when Goku catches it and goes SSJ.
    Meanwhile, smoke still surrounds the area where Piccolo was held and shot at. The smoke clears and Piccolo looks basically unhurt. He powers up massively as if doing a self-destruction. It is used to kill all the robots. Piccolo flies off to find Gohan and Krillin
    Goku and Cooler continue to fight and Goku is thrown through a bunch of mountains. He lands on his feet, powers up and flies through all of the ridges, causing them to crumble to the ground. He continues flying and puts one fist out, taking out Cooler's left arm. Cooler's arm regenerates insntantly, a bunch of wires and cords shoot out of his arm and rebuild it in a  really cool way and then laughs at Goku's attempt. Cooler says the Big Gete Star is a computer and constantly watches over him and no matter what happens he will automatically regenerate.
    Cooler then runs forward and lands a hard left into Goku's chest. He is beat around and he fires a kamehamaha which Cooler deflects with one finger. He sends about 100 Cooler blasts from his finger but Goku knocks them all away and drives his fist into Cooler's chest. It does nothing and he holds Goku above him by the neck, choking him.
    Just then Vegeta appears and drives his foot right into the side of Cooler's head. Vegeta goes SSJ and Cooler is astonished at the 2 Super Saiyans. Goku thanks Vegeta but he does his usual "if someone beats you I will never get to kill you" act. Vegeta dashes numerous times but gets the crap kicked out of him. Goku saves his life and him and Cooler do the instant transmission way of fighting. They appear beside Vegeta and Vegeta fires a Big Bang Attack which does nothing to the metal warrior. Vegeta and Goku get their ass whipped some more. Cooler fires a huge blast which looks like it kills the 2 Saiyans.
    A robot in the Big Gete Star is shown with all the captives and says they will all die soon. Yajirobe punches the robot, but the tiny robots just stands there like nothing happened and he takes him off to be killed first. Piccolo is shown flying around in the star and a blast occurs out of no causing Piccolo to scream out.
Vegeta and Goku are alive and can't believe Cooler's power. They agree to work together and each of Cooler's pieces are blasted one by one destroying the warrior once and for all. The 2 Saiyans collapse, thinking they have one, when over the ridge hundreds of Meta Cooler's appear. Goku and Vegeta power up and everything goes black.
    Goku and Vegeta are in a dark room with cords and wires hanging out of them. In front of them lies the true Cooler, only half of his head alive. He explains that a long time ago a graveyard of spaceships and satellites came together to form the Big Gete Star. They fused and over a period of time began to grow. Lucky for Cooler, his brain floated within the group of metal and bonded with him. He then says he is the head of the operation and the Big Gete Star steals the life out of planets like New Namek which it is currently on. Cooler says he will use this power and the power he gets from the 2 Saiyans to create an ultimate unbeatable Meta Cooler.
    Life and energy begins to be taken out of the 2 warriors. Meta Cooler is shown for a few seconds beating up Piccolo. The star begins to shake from the energy it is taking. Goku and Vegeta power up and send more than enough energy through the ship causing it to begin to explode. All the robots and Meta Coolers explode on the planet as the Star begins to disentegrate. All the other fighters besides Goku and Vegeta escape the star as it begins flying back out into space.
    Goku and Vegeta are lying on the ground as Cooler is shown with a bunch of cables as a body. The cables wrap around Goku who was about to destroy him and begins suffocating the Saiyan. An energy blast from Vegeta flies through the air and cuts one of Coolers "arms" off and Goku breaks free. He throws a blast right at Kooler causing a massive explosion which blows up the star.
    Everyone on Namek is upset, because they think Goku and Vegeta are dead. However the 2 Saiyans are flying to the ground and it looks like a soft landing, but they aren't flying, but falling and crash right into the ground. When Goku awakens from unconsciousness, he takes a senzu bean and asks where Vegeta is, the scene shifts to Vegeta as he is leaving the planet. Vegeta is shown in his spaceship, holding a chip in his hand. He crushes the final chip from the Big Gete Star, and the last piece of Cooler and the movie ends.