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DBZ Movie 5 - Cooler's Revenge
The movie begins with Goku, Krillin, and Gohan going on some sort of a camping trip. We see Frieza's brother Cooler in a ship that looks exactly like Goku's. When Gohan and Krillin are in the camping area, one of Cooler's henchmen attack Krillen and Gohan. But Goku saves the day as he fights Cooler's henchmen. Goku is in control but soon Gohan flies by and Cooler himself sends an energy beam at Gohan and Goku goes to save Gohan but inflicts the beam and both go crashing in a cave. Goku is injured but Krillin and Gohan are okay. Gohan goes out to fight the henchmen but they are too much. But Piccolo shows up to save the day as he began to kick the henchmens asses.
Gohan decides to head off to Korins and Yajirobee's place by Kami's lookout. When he gets there he asks for some senzu beans and gets one bag and keeps one in his pocket.
Piccolo kills 2 of Cooler's henchmen before getting badly hurt. Gohan flies back to the cave to give his father the beans but as he does Cooler's main henchman destroys the bag but Gohan gives Goku the one in his pocket and Goku is now back to normal. Goku confronts Cooler and the battle begins with Goku and Cooler going back and forth. But soon Cooler transforms into a stronger form and begins to beat goku. But after Goku sees a dead bird he transforms into a super saiyan and begins to kick Cooler's ass. The battle progressed with Goku having the advantage. But soon Goku sends an energy blast that sends Cooler all the way to the sun and destroys him.
Goku is recovering after the battle at the same exact desertous place. As he gets up so does everyone else and out of nowhere comes out Cooler's main henchman who is easily destroyed by Piccolo and all seems well.