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DBZ Movie 3 - The Tree of Might

The Z crew are camping in a forest. Meanwhile, Turles and his crew are looking for a planet with rich energy sources that can support the life of their special tree. (This tree grows by eating away the energy of the planet it grows on. Whoever eats its fruits can receive a huge amount of energy- Turles and his crew want the power from the fruits.) One of Turles's space probes crashes into the earth and starts a forest fire. This probe tells Turles that Earth is a planet capable of supporting his tree. At the same time, Gohan, Krillin, and Goku battle the forest fire and saved the wildlife living in it. Here, Gohan saves his pet. The Dragon Balls are then used to restore the burned-out forest.

Back in the Kame House, King Kai transmits the news of Turles and his plot to Goku. Goku tells the rest of the Z crew about Turles and they head out to destroy the energy-eating tree that has already been planted. Goku, Gohan, Yamcha, Krillin, Tien, and Chautzu all do fireballs against the tree, but the tree remains unharmed. The Z Warriors then encounter Turles's henchmen and they battle. Piccolo joins the fight. At the end, all the Z Warriors are defeated except Goku and Gohan. Gohan runs into Turles and misunderstands him for his father. (Turles and Goku look exactly alike, but are not related. Turles also has darker skin.) Turles trashes Gohan and realizes that Gohan is a Saiyan. He asks Gohan to join him in the Saiyan Conquest, but when Gohan refuses, Turles creates a false moon. He forces Gohan to look at it and Gohan's tail grows back. As you can guess, Gohan turns into a were-monkey. Goku, trying to get to Gohan, is blocked off by some of Turles's crew. He easily disposes of them! Gohan loses control as a were-monkey and starts trashing everything. Goku tells Gohan to gain control and go after Turles, but he doesn't. Then Gohan sees his little animal friend he met in the woods earlier. He begins to play with it and Turles gets angry, at that, he fires an energy ball at Gohan. Even though Gohan is a were-monkey, he is still no match to Turles and Turles uses Distructo Disc to cut off Gohan's tail. Gohan turns into a small boy again, unconcious.

Now only Goku and Turles remain. When Goku refuses to join Turles, they fight. Turles whoops on Goku, Goku isn't really strong enough to take on Turles. Turles sees the tree now bears fruit and grabs one, he takes a bite. He receives an enormous amount of power and slams his elbow into Goku. Turles then gives Goku a huge amount of rapid blasts to the chest. Turles flies off above. But, Goku keeps telling himself that he must save the Earth so he cannot die. As a result, he creates a small Spirit Bomb with what's left of the Earth's power, which blasts Turles through the tree. Both Turles and his tree are destroyed. Upon the tree's destruction, energy is released are restores it to the damaged Earth.