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DBZ Movie 12 - The Rebirth of Fusion

Vegeta, Goku and Pikkon are fighting in a World Tournament in heaven. Grand Kai wanted to see who was the strongest dead fighter. Meanwhile, King Yemma is sending people to heaven or hell. A teenager is responsible for running the machine that cleanses the souls of those going to hell, but he is too busy dancing to his walkman to notice that the machine is in the danger zone. The machine explodes and the evil escapes. It takes over the teenager's body and the two become a big fat yellow creature, Janemba. Janemba twists the fabric of space for fun. King Yama and his building become trapped in a sphere and all the dead return to Earth.

Grand Kai suspends the tournament and send Goku and Pikkon to investigate the problem. The two find King Yemma trapped in the sphere. Pikkon is left to try to free King Yemma while Goku goes to fight Janemba. Pikkon learns that the sphere can only be broken by screaming insults at it, so he does so. Jamenba sees Goku and becomes to create little replicas of himself to attack Goku for entertainment. Goku becomes angry at Janemba's games and reaches his Super Saiyan 3 form. Janemba is smashed into a glob. However, he survives and re-oozes himself into a stronger, more serious purple form.

On Earth, the dead are plaguing the people. Gohan and Videl encounter Frieza and all the villains from the previous movies. Gohan quickly kills Frieza and all the other villains run away in fear. Goten and Trunks are elsewhere battling Hitler's giant army that was brought back to life. Back in heaven, Goku is getting beaten by Janemba. Vegeta, who was also brought back to life, appears and rescues Goku. He too gets creamed. Goku and Vegeta hide and Goku suggests that the only way to beat Janemba is to fuse. After a while of convincing Vegeta to fuse, Goku teaches Vegeta the technique. The two fuse, but the result, Gogeta, was fat because Vegeta didn't extend his finger during fusion. Gogeta spends his time running away from Janemba, but defuses back into Goku and Vegeta. Pikkon appears and distracts Janemba while Goku and Vegeta attempt to fuse again. The fusion is perfect and Gogeta easily beats the evil out of Janemba. Janemba is restored into the teenager. On Earth, Goten and Trunks fuse and Gotenks beats all of Hitler's army. All the dead return to heaven or hell.