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DBZ Movie 10 - The Return of Brolly
This movie is the first to feature Goten and Videl. It starts with Goten, Videl, and Trunks looking for the Dragonballs in Nataday Village. This is where they find out that a dinosaur is terrorizing the village and they have to fight it. While waiting for the dinosaur Goten begins to cry a lot because he's hungry and Videl won't give him any food till they finish. This crying reawakens Brolly! The Legendary Super Saiyan.
Meanwhile, Goten and Trunks defeat the dinosaur rather quickly, but when they finish that's when they run into Brolly since Brolly wants to kill Goten because of his recognition to Goku. First Videl fights him but loses right away, but when Goten and Trunks go to fight him they beat him at first but then Brolly begins to get the upperhand. But when they finally realize they can't win Goten spots the 7th Dragon Ball and goes to get it while Trunks gets beat up as a distraction. However, by the time Goten gets the ball and puts it in his bag it's too late and Brolly comes after him and beats Goten up as well.
Now Gohan, who is somewhere flying over a nearby ocean senses Brolly's high ki and flies in that direction as fast as he can, he arrives just in time to save them from one of Brolly's fireballs. Since Goten, Trunks, and Videl are all hurt, Gohan has to fight himself. Gohan soon defeats Brolly by leading him into lava and having Brolly destroyed in it and having himself saved by Piccolo who turns out to be Krillin in disguise.
But when everyone finally thinks it's over and they stop to rest, Brolly emeres from the lava unhurt and starts to shoot a fireball to kill all of them. Gohan has no choice except to power up into Super Saiyajin form and use all his strength in a Kamehameha, which is exactly what he does. But this powerful attack is still not strong enough to win so then his little brother Goten comes to his side and helps by adding his own kamehameha. Still, this isn't strong enough, but as they are fighting, the Dragon Balls roll out of the bag in the right order while Goten is wishing his Dad were here to help defeat Brolly so that Goku's spirit is once again brought back to life. Now Goku uses his Kamehameha as well which forces Brolly to have to struggle a little but still the three of them are no match. Soon, Trunks wakes up again with just enough strength to throw a fireball that will distract Brolly and give Goku, Gohan, and Goten the opportunity to kill Brolly with all their power.