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Bardock - Father of Goku
The Bardock story begins when some of Frieza's men are looking at a small child. The older one of the pair says that this baby will be a strong warrior in the future, the other says not to bet on it because he is the son of a low-class soilder named, Bardock. The older one then responces
"Do you hear that sound Maloka. That is the sound of a great warrior! Hmmmmm, Kakorot, remember that name!"

The setting then switches to a planet called Kanassa, where we see some ugly looking creatures getting killed by big strong monkeys. They are being blasted away and brutelly beaten by these huge and destructive creatures.

The story then goes to after the battle, where some saiyans are celebrating their victory. Bardock, is the leader of the group, quietly relaxing. Then suddenly, one of the creatures arise from the rocks, and charge at Bardock, and hit him in the back of the neck. The creature then explains that by doing that, he has given Bardock psychic powers and that he will see the horror that the creatures had to of their terrible end! The creature is then destroyed. Bardock immediately collapses, and is taken back to Planet Vegeta for recovery. When some different brain-wave patterns are found by readings, his best friend, Torra, and the others decide to leave him behind, thinking that they can take care of the planet they were assigned to fight at, Planet Meet, asigned by Frieza himself.

The story then switches ahead into the battle on Planet Meet, where we find all of our soilders dead, excpet Torra. Torra soon finds out that it was a set-up. Dodoria even said that Frieza was getting scared of the saiyans, that they were becoming too strong. Then Dodoria sends Torra flying into the distance with a terryfing blow. After Bardock recovers, and finds out were they are, he quickly sets off to find them. When he arrives on the planet, he senses some power levels, and thinks that it is them celebrating. Well, to Bardock's surprise, he finds all of his soilders dead, except Torra, where he finds out who did this to him, and why. Then sadly, Torra passes away. In the distance, he sees some of Frieza's henchmen, the cause of Bardock's soilders passings. Bardock then raps a bandit that is stainde with his best friend, Torra's blood around his head, and then goes on an outrage, easily killing all of Frieza's henchmen. There was one thing in the battle that almost got Bardock killed though. He kept having memory lapses of the future, about his son, and how he will become a great fighter, he then regains control and kills the remaining two. After that, Dodoria appears, who is twice as strong as Bardock is at the time, and Dodoria uses a huge blast from his mouth to send Bardock, and his dead crew into the distance. We then find Bardock hurt, but still alive. Then, he has another memory lapse of the future, seeing that Planet Vegeta (where all the saiyans live) will be destroyed by none other than the evil Frieza. So, badly injured, Bardock flys back to Planet Vegeta, to warn his fellow saiyans about it. But, the saiyans are drinking, and pay no attention to the wounded soilder. Bardock filled with anger then screams out "Your all Dead!" Bardock then flies out into space to try to stop Frieza by himself. As he is charging the ship, Frieza sends out what looks like 100000 soilders to stop just one saiyan! Well, all of you thought that Bardock was dead, right? Well, he blasts through all of them one by one. Then, he gets held up by 4 of them, and then screams out "Frieza, show yourself you coward!" Frieza then appears and begins to build a huge energy ball (called the death ball) in the direction of Bardock and his home, Planet Vegeta. Bardock then retaliates and starts to build a small engery ball also. Bardock releases the ball at Frieza, but the ball is automatically absorbed into Frieza's energy ball! Then, the ball grows to an unbelievable state, and is released by Frieza, killing Bardock, all of Frieza's henchmen, and Planet Vegeta. As Bardock is being blasted away, he has just one more memory lapse into the future. He sees that his son, Kakorot (Goku) will be the one to defeat Frieza. He then puts a big grin on his face and says "My....son....lives....on." He then gets blasted away.  Along with the rest of the planet.
    It then shows clips of goku going, and landing on earth, and Grandpa Gohan finding him in the woods, he then gets the name Goku.